Moroso Oil Pans

Moroso Oil Pans
Moroso Honda/Acura Oil Pan

Moroso Street/Strip Pans are wet sump pans intended for street-performance machines that occasionally see some track time. They are modified with either a Deep Sump or Kicked-Out Sump for increased capacity to improve oil control under hard acceleration and to help the engine run cooler. Moroso Street/Strip Pans are designed for simple bolt-on installations in production chassis.

-Works with OEM exhaust manifold and most aftermarket exhaust/header combinations

-Sump baffle that fully surrounds oil pump pickup for increased oil control while accelerating, cornering and braking

-Turbo/Supercharger oil drainback

-Features a magnetic drainplug and rear temperature sensor bung provision

-Clear zinc plating for durability and corrosion resistance
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