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LS-Series PT8284 Turbocharger

Item# T4 undivided .96 A/R (Part Number: 12416218359), T5 undivided .96 A/R (Part Number: 12416218399), T5 undivided 1.08 A/R (Part Number: 12416218419)
Availability: not set
HP Rating: 1,350

PRECISION TURBO & ENGINE is proud to announce the release of a new turbocharger to our LS-Series Lineup, the PT8284!

Featuring a 82mm CEA« compressor wheel and a 84mm CEA« turbine wheel, this turbocharger is an excellent match for the widely-popular LS family of engines.

Purpose built with the LS-enthusiast in mind, the turbocharger is available with (3) different turbine housing offerings: T4 .96 A/R, T5 .96 A/R, and T5 1.08 A/R. Making it ideally suited for a single or twin turbo application. Both options feature a v-band discharge for easy down-pipe installation. The T4 has a 4" turbine housing discharge, and the T5 has a 5" turbine housing discharge.

Additionally, the LS-Series PT8284 turbocharger comes standard with our Pro Mod cover, 5" inlet and 4.2" V-Band outlet. LS-Series PT8284 w/T4 undivided .96 A/R (Part Number: 12416218359) LS-Series PT8284 w/T5 undivided .96 A/R (Part Number: 12416218399) LS-Series PT8284 w/T5 undivided 1.08 A/R (Part Number: 12416218419
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