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Inline Pro S2000 Differential Kit

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InlinePRO S2000 Differential Kit

InlinePRO has developed a kit using 6061 billet alumnium to custom mount a R200 ( Nissan 300zx NON-TURBO 1990-1996 ) Differential into your S2000. The R200 uses a 4.08 gear, which is real close to the S2000 4.10. This allows the speedometer to be real similar to stock. With this differential kit, we have launched street car s2000 with drag radials and slicks making 500-675 rwhp. This differential is also in s2000 street class, race car making 800+ rwhp.

The kit includes:

InlinePRO Differential Billet Mounts

Driveshaft Shop Level 5.9 Pro-Series axles (with hubs and extended studs)

Driveshaft Shop Driveshaft

* Customer must supply their own R200 rear differential.
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