GO-AUTOWORKS Long Runner Turbo Manifold FD RX7 13BZoom

GO-AUTOWORKS Long Runner Turbo Manifold FD RX7 13B

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The GO-AUTOWORKS big tube long runner exhaust manifold for the RX7 (FD) is our first design for this particular chassis. This manifold uses 2" 304SS sched 40 runner material with a tapered collector to allow for a true smooth merge into the divided T4 exhaust flange. The 13B exhaust flange is CNC's 5/8" cold rolled steel. Wastegate ports are Bband 38mm to be used with the Tial MVS gate or Turbosmart 40mm Hypergate. The manifold design also allows ample room to run either a V mount or front mount setup.

Each manifold is backed by a lifetime warranty.
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