GE VTEC Conversion Kit w/ Gasket & ARP headstudsZoom

GE VTEC Conversion Kit w/ Gasket & ARP headstuds

Item# GE VTEC conv+gaskt+ARP
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We have a Full VTEC Conversion System for people who want to use an LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC set-up.

This kit is the easiest and most complete way to supply oil to the head without any machining required and is very clean and reliable.

The kit includes: 1. Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Sandwich Plate with a 6AN fitting for the plate and head.

2. 6AN steel braided Teflon hose for oil supply

3. Golden Eagle VTEC Conversion Dowels for proper alignment of the head and block without machining

4. 1/8 NPT tap and plug for the oil port in the head

5. Golden Eagle worked factory head gasket with any bore size and dowel holes opened for any application

When we say "NO Machining" we mean that there is no reason that anyone cannot do this kit in their own garage. - The only thing that must be done is tapping the head for the plug .

- The Tap is included in the kit

- The VTEC line and fitting all use existing ports with no need to do anything else.

- Sold as a kit with full instructions.

- Individual parts can be purchased separately.
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