06-11 Honda Civic R18 Supercharger System w/o Tuning Solution Zoom

06-11 Honda Civic R18 Supercharger System w/o Tuning Solution

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FIT & SPECS: 2006 - 2011 Honda Civic (R18 1.8L)

Kraftwerks is pleased to introduce the newly redesigned supercharger system for the 06-11 Honda Civic w/ the R18 engine.

Centered around the highly efficient Rotrex C30-74 head-unit, the Kraftwerks 06-11 Honda Civic kit produces impressive results throughout the entire power band due to its patented traction drive technology. And, unlike any other forced induction system, the Kraftwerks supercharger system provides a linear power curve, torque on demand, cooler operating temperatures, and total drive-ability. The '06-'11 Honda Civic supercharger system provides instant throttle response and a progressive power curve that increases all the way to redline without the typical 'spiking' or 'surging' associated with turbochargers. This unique, more usable power curve results in reduced cylinder pressures, less strain on engine components, and increased reliability.

Rotrex superchargers also operate much cooler when compared to turbochargers and other supercharger systems, which reduces the engine’s intake air temperature as well as its risk of detonation. Rotrex superchargers are renowned for their compact size, high adiabatic efficiency, low vibration, and quiet operation. Their unique traction drive technology is what makes all of this possible, which, unlike other superchargers, transmits power through frictional forces between its rolling elements. Each Rotrex unit features its own self-contained oiling system that remains independent of the engine. Its dual-action oil pump supplies traction fluid to the supercharger while the supplied cooler ensures proper fluid temperatures at all times.

Like all Kraftwerks supercharger systems, the '06-'11 Honda Civic supercharger system includes all the necessary brackets, and hardware for a simple bolt-on installation.

FEATURES & BENEFITS: 200hp / 160 lbs-ft Torque with OE Header and Exhaust System Retain Factory A/C and Accessories Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger w/ 100mm Pulley (10psi) Grams Performance 550cc/min. High Impedance Fuel Injectors w/ Plug-and-Play Connectors Front Mount Intercooler (22 x 7 x 3 inch) Aluminum Intercooler Piping Oil Cooler High-Quality CNC-Machined Brackets and Idler Pulley High-Quality Fasteners and Hardware Recirculating Bypass Valve

* Upgraded Clutch Recommended
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