00-03 Honda S2000 Supercharger System - W/O tuningZoom

00-03 Honda S2000 Supercharger System - W/O tuning

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Announcing the latest iteration of the Kraftwerks S2000 Supercharger System!

Freshly reengineered and reconfigured, this new kit offers a new Serpentine Belt system to ensure maximum reliability and offer ease of maintenance. The new serpentine sub-kit is meant to replace the old cog-drive system entirely.

To further assist with optimizing reliability and ease of maintenance, an automatic belt tensioner has been developed. This allows for easier serpentine belt replacement if necessary, plus keeps belt tension optimal under any operating conditions.

A retrofit kit is also currently in the works to allow ease of upgrade from the original system.

Like all Kraftwerks supercharger systems, the S2000 supercharger system includes all the necessary brackets, and hardware for a simple bolt-on installation.

FEATURES & BENEFITS: -400 wheel horsepower & 280 lb-ft of torque with Skunk2 Header and Exhaust

-Proven Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger w/ 90mm Pulley Serpentine Belt System w/ Automatic Tensioner

-4 Grams Performance & Design 1,000cc Injectors

-Plug & Play Injector Connectors

-Skunk2 4 BAR MAP Sensor

-Grams Performance & Design 265lph High Flow Fuel Pump

-Front Mount Intercooler (24 x 12 x 3 inch)

-Aluminum Intercooler Piping

-Supercharger Oil Cooler

-High-Quality CNC-Machined Brackets and Idler Pulley

-High-Quality Fasteners and Hardware

-Recirculating Bypass Valve

-Retains Factory A/C and Accessories

-Simple Bolt-On Installation - No cutting, Drilling, or Welding

* Upgraded Clutch Recommended
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