Turbonetics Watercooled TN450

Turbonetics Watercooled TN450
Item# 11522
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Item Description

Model: TN450

Compressor Wheel: HPE 60

Compressor Inlet/Outlet: 3"/2"

Turbine Wheel: F1-57

Turbine Housing: .65a/r 4 bolt

P/N: 11522

Compressor Cover: TO4E

The TN450 builds on the performance and dyanmic range of the TN400 but steps up the compressor wheel to a T04E 60 trim compressor. As that largest compressor within the standard T04E compressor wheel family this turbocharger delivers the most power available in the T04E family of compressors without sacrificing the superb boost threshold and dynamic range of the T04E. The F1-57 (57mm) T3 turbine wheel provides a nice balance of high flow potential with excellent flow for a fast responsive boost curve on most 4 cylinder engines. All Turbonetics TN Series turbos come standard with a 16mm wet bearing section. Available in either a standard bearing or Turbonetics patented ceramic ball bearing configuration.

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