Turbonetics GT-K Series Turbochargers

Turbonetics GT-K Series Turbochargers
Aerodynamics is what separates the GT-K turbo line from the competition. Equipped with the latest HP CompressorWheels, designed to maximize efficiency at high boost pressures, and the F1 turbine wheel, created to capture the maximum exhaust gas energy and reduce backpressures, the GT-K family of turbos delivers unequaled performance. When paired with the Map Enhancement Porting of the GT-K compressor housings, these wheels flow huge volumes of air at high pressure ratios while still delivering a cool efficient intake charge.

These turbo units feature special Map Enhancement Porting to allow the compressor wheel to operate at its maximum efficiency across a very broad RPM range. This design has precisely placed slots machined into the compressor housing to limit the effects of surge, as well and provides additional air flow to make maximum horsepower at high boost pressure levels and across the entire RPM range. All GTK turbos come standard with Turbonetics' patented ceramic ball bearing system, black chrome coated compressor housings, and ceramic coated turbine housings.

Turbonetics GT-K 325 Turbocharger
Regular price: $1,601.00
Sale price: $1,530.00
Turbonetics GT-K 850 Turbocharger
Regular price: $2,230.99
Sale price: $2,123.99
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