Turbonetics GT-K 850 Turbocharger

Turbonetics GT-K 850 Turbocharger
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Item Description

The GTK 850 is the second largest turbocharger in the GTK series. Coupling a 72 mm compressor with a large 68 mm T4 turbine this unit offers enormous top end peak flow for your high horsepower applications. Ideal for all out power 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders and street/strip 8 cylinders this turbocharger provides the second highest horespower potential in the GTK series while maintaining some streetability for large 8 cylinder applications.

Additional features:

•ceramic coated turbine housing

•ceramic ball bearing system

•MAP Enhancement Porting on compressor housing

•Black Chrome finish on compressor housing

Model: GT-K 850

Compressor Wheel: 72mm

Turbine Wheel: 68mm

Turbine Housing: T4 0.81 A/R

Turbine Housing Inlet/Outlet: 4-bolt / 4" V Band

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