Turbonetics GT-K 325 Turbocharger

Turbonetics GT-K 325 Turbocharger
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Item Description

As the smallest of the GT-K series turbo, the GT-K 325 is a great choice for top performance in a T3 flange turbine housing. Available in both water cooled and oil coold center housings. This unit is ideal for smaller displacement engines common in most imports and provides superior power delivery with fast boost response times

Additional features:

•ceramic coated turbine housing

•ceramic ball bearing system

•MAP Enhancement Porting on compressor housing

•Black Chrome finish on compressor housing

Model: GT-K 325

Compressor Wheel: 46mm

Turbine Wheel: 54mm

Turbine Housing: T3 0.48 A/R

Turbine Housing Inlet/Outlet: 4-bolt / 4-bolt

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