Synapse Synchronic Blow Off Valve Silver/Black SB002A

Synapse Synchronic Blow Off Valve Silver/Black SB002A
Item# SB002A
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This Universal Synchronic Blow Off Valve is the iconic Synchronic Blow Off Valve that has set the standard for impossibly fast response from a BOV/Diverter Valve, with response in 25 milliseconds or less. Best of all there is no diaphragm that could fail! Completely modular design, it can be installed as a vent to atmosphere BOV or recirculating DV. The Synapse Synchronic Blow Off Valve utilizes a fast-acting, patented (6,863,260) design that eliminates the diaphragm with a multi-tier piston actuator that equalizes the force required to open the valve at any boost pressure. The design is intended to significantly reduce or eliminate compressor surge and eliminates leaking by seating the valve more as boost pressure increases. Each assembly is pressure tested to 100 psi prior to leaving the factory. Interchangeable inlet and discharge flanges allow for various adapters and kits to be made for many popular applications.

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