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SRP Pistons Honda/Acura

Item# SRP
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-4032 low expansion high silicon aluminum alloy heat treated to SRP specifications

-Dome and dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel.

-Thick ring lands for limited nitrous oxide/forced induction use on low compression pistons.

-Valve pockets machined to accept oversized valves 1.0 x 1.2 x 2.8mm ring widths.

-.748 x 2.250 straight wall carbon steel wrist pin provided.

-Pin fitting and spiro locks included

-JE Rings included

-Applications for All motor, Turbo and Nitrous

This item is for the Honda/Acura "shelf" pistons. Please contact us when ordering to get the proper bore size and compression added to your order.

Available for the D, B, H, K, F Series motors

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