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Plex Pro Boost Controller

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The PBC PRO is a revolutionary next generation, electronic boost controller that comes with an integrated air fuel ratio display and a blend of unique features which reflect even the most demanding tuning and driving needs.

Whether a motorsports enthusiast, a professional tuner or drag racer, if your vehicle has a turbocharger the PBC PRO will provide superior functionality and ease of use and grand you full control over its horsepower.

Accuracy, versatility, performance and ease of use have been at the core of PBC Pro’s development process, and our determination to deliver an A-class motorsports specifications solution is reflected in details such as the “Formula 1 type” Tyco Spec44 wiring that is included in the box.

Unlike every other boost controller in the market, the PBC Pro is housed in an anodized aluminum compact casing that withstands rigorous on or off the track use. The depth of control and precision it provides is beyond anything seen before, but what makes it really stand out is its versatility and ease of use. Both of which are at the core of our DNA.

•NEW: DUAL EGT version for twin turbo applications (optional)

•NEW: EGT reading up to 1250° C (1024°C previous)

•NEW: Easier to mount new 4 bar MAP sensor

•NEW: Reading and displaying of engine ECU diagnostic trouble codes when using EURO-OBD connectivity

•NEW: Lambda warning & limit function that can now be set every 500rpm

•NEW: Auxilliary output function. Control the activation with min & max limits for rpm, boost, min throttle position & max activation time

•NEW: Porsche 996t compatibility. Without extra wiring retrieve engine operation parameters via ECU Can Bus

•NEW: TFSI/TSI engines compatibility (Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda). Use all PBC PRO control functiona, plus display knock retard per cylinder

•IMPROVED: Boost display option in kPa, bar, or psi

•IMPROVED: EGT display option in deg F

•IMPROVED: Closed loop boost control enhancement with additional settings for calculation interval & max integral duty limit

•IMPROVED: presets can be now be easily accessed from the device even when switch inputs are enabled
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