Journal Bearing Garrett GT28 - T3 5 bolt

Journal Bearing Garrett GT28 - T3 5 bolt
Item# GRT-TBO-059
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Item Description

Garrett journal bearing GT28 capable of 350+ HP. Both water cooled and oil cooled. Very efficient and modern turbine and compressor wheel combination attached to a very high flowing T04B class .60 A/R compressor housing and T3 - 5 Bolt (conventional Ford style) turbine housing in a .63 A/R. External wastegate ready using any of our flanges or easily internal wastegate configurable (either the 3 bolt swing-valve type or our ultimate internal wastegate). Turbo can drop into any existing T3/T4 package and is a good upgrade for anyone considering a T3 60 trim, T3 Super 60, T3/T4B, or small T3/T4E. This unit offers the best combination of boost response and power short of going to a ball bearing GT28RS unit.

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