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HKS GT II Wastegate 60mm Kit

Item# 14005-AK001
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HKS GT II Wastegate - 60mm - 14005-AK001

Manufacturer: HKS Part# 14005-AK001

The HKS GT II Wastegates are the latest in wastegate technology, featuring a lower body cast from stainless steel and an anodized purple upper case machined from billet aluminum. The smaller size combined with GT II's V-band inlet and outlet flanges enable versatile mounting in tight spaces. The additional wastegate springs allow different base boot level starting points.

Features: Weighs approximately 2/3's the weight of the original GT Wastegate.

Significantly smaller in height and width.

Include additional wastegate springs.

Included tool for simple installation for the extra wastegate springs.

Valve diameter: 60mm.

Base boost level range: 0.6-2.1 kg/cm2 (8.5PSI-29.9PSI)
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