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GO-AUTOWORKS S-Can D/B Series Combo

Item# D/B S Can combo w/ drain
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GO-AUTOWORKS S Catchcan Kits for the Honda D and B Series Motors. Please read the descriptions carefully. This Kit includes:

D Series VC/Drain Kit:

1 aluminum S catch can with 2 -10AN male bungs and 1 -10AN male drain back bung (on bottom of the catch can) & Filter

9 ft. of -10AN hose

2 -10AN straight hose ends

3 -10AN 90 degree hose ends

1 -10AN 45 degree hose end

1 -10AN GO-AUTOWORKS D series plug conversion fitting

2 -10AN aluminum weld bungs

B Series Kit Block/standard Kit:

1 Aluminum S can kit w/ 2 -10AN male bungs, filter and standard drain

1 GO-AUTOWORKS B Series block fitting kit (black)

(No welding required)

2 -10AN straight fittings

2 -10AN 90 degree fittings

6 feet -10AN hose

B Series VC/Drain kit:

1 Aluminum S Can w/ 2 -10AN Inlet fittings, 1 -10AN drainback fitting and filter

3 90 degree -10AN fittings

3 -10 AN Straight fittings

1 10AN rear block conversion drainback fitting

9 ft -10AN hose

2 -10AN aluminum weld bungs

9/16/19 Update: The D series and B series VC kits will now include (2) 10AN weld bungs for the valve cover.
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