DSS 3.9 600WHP B Series AxleSet

Item# DSS B 3.9
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Drive Shaft Shop Axle Kit - This is a extreme level 3.9 system for all you tuners that have managed to get more HP out of the car than the most axles can handle.

The system is designed to handle up to 600HP* and will do it over and over again. Made with all chrome moly parts this is one strong system for extremely fast street cars or any thing in the all motor class. Newest design uses solid torsional center bars, oversized inner tripods. Our race proven outer c.v. and custom outer hub's to fit the larger spline of the new outer. This is one of our most popular systems and is track proven to last.

The reference to the ABS on the civic is due to Honda using two different wheel bearings on the car the axles do not come with the ABS ring on them but we will custom install them for an additional $100.00 charge for the set. This system can also be altered to be used in rally and road racing applications. If you have any questions please feel free to email us sales@jdmcars.com and we will be happy to answer all questions you may have. Remember kits are custom made, so we can make just about anything you need. Price is for both left and right complete axle's, both hubs and long or short studs. *HP rating for Turbo applications **due to availability the long stud's may come with 1.5x12 mm or 7/16 thread . You must order these axles per Car, Engine, and engine mounts being used to insure correct fitment. If you set up is not included in our list, please email us as we may have recently added the option you have, or might be able to build exactly what you are looking for.


1992-1995 Civic with B Series DOHC (vtec or non)

All Del Sol with B Series DOHC (vtec or non)

1996-2000 Civic with B Series DOHC (vtec or non)

1994-01 Integra (inc Type R) with B Series DOHC (vtec or non)
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