BNR R35/GTR Billet Turbo Upgrades

BNR R35/GTR Billet Turbo Upgrades
Item# GTR R35 billet
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BNR R35/GTR Billet Turbo Upgrades
We are proud to release our first turbocharger upgrades for the 2008 plus Nissan GTR! Our entry level Billet upgrades are capable of up to 800 AWHP while being 100% bolt up with no fabrication required! All oil and water lines bolt on with ease which makes this a pain free install. The compressor housings and turbine housings are CNC machined for the upgraded center housing rotating assemblies. We used extensive engineering techniques to CNC machine the exhaust manifold/turbine housings without cutting or welding.

All our competitors have to cut the manifolds off of the turbine housings so they can machine the turbine housings to accept the upgraded center housing rotating assemblies. Cutting and welding the turbine housings is way to big of a risk to take because of cracking issues which plague cast iron welding. The weight of the turbocharger, intake ducting, down pipes and intercooler pipes combined with heat cycles, all put load on the one weld holding the turbo to the manifold.

BNR Supercars Stage 1 R35 twin turbo upgrades consists of TD05H turbine wheels, high performance 360 degree thrust assemblies, Billet compressor wheels, and BNR's customized bearing housing for easy installation! All rotating assemblies are balanced to .5 gram/in2 and the wastegate actuators are adjustable from 11-17 psi!

Price: $3950 plus core up front (core exchange limited)

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